Stocks Module

This module provides support for the definition and maintenance of the raw materials classified list, finished articles etc.

Classified lists are unique and only authorized users will have access to them.

It provides inventory management of raw materials, spare parts, semi-finished and finished articles.

Fixed Assets and Inventory Items Module

Ensures fixed assets management in accordance with rules and regulations in force concerning track and calculation of their liquidation.

Software application will allow inventory items management in accordance with regulations in force concerning the track and calculation of their liquidation.

Commercial Module

Application is natively client-oriented.

This implies the existence of identification data of a customer / supplier for one time at maximum level of an accounting office / work site.

About ERA-ERP application

ERA-ERP platform is a software application for allocating company's resources, for medium and large companies who understand that excellence in business starts with defining coherent strategies, based on the correct choice of processes, implementation and, most importantly, monitoring them.

Application’s architecture has been defined by studying the daily activity of several companies from both local and international businesses, understanding the need of platform modularisation in a more logical and easy way to use by all employees of a company, so there is no need for a long and arduous process of training and accommodation with a new way of work.

Another important aspect of a logic architecture, as described above, is the very short processing time for documents / processes, which represents the driving factor for increasing the labor productivity, translated into the company’s increased profitability.

Customer orientation towards profit and organization on cost centers are the main objectives of ERA-ERP strategy.

Even if it is hard to believe, through this software application we succeeded to remove the "accounting tyranny" by removing work with accounts, the user not being "obliged" to support another absolutely useless learning process, thus having time to focus on daily activities only.

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